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Pirates, tattoos, but not necessarily pirate tattoos.

The 4th Anual Port Washington, Wisconsin Pirate Fest was last weekend, as some of you may know. I had to work my arse off this week, hence the report coming so late.

I didn't take ANY pictures, but I did have a few taken of me. That's not right. I shall remedy that at Azkatraz.

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I also got a tattoo updated. My crappy free lightning bolt that some of you know as the 'N' on my chest was made bigger and way more bad ass. It's still healing, so I'll be taking a photo when it's more healed. First tattoo of the year down, 2 more to go. Next is either a) potion bottle over DM b) Rocketeer c) a design for my dad (which I haven't quite decided on just yet) d) another portion of my back piece (TBD). I may possibly even do it on the last day of SF, gotta scout around for a parlor that's decently priced.

Speaking of SF, on Tuesday it will be exactly 1 month until Azkatraz, and 3 weeks until my lady-wife is due to arrive here in Chicago. I've got to get cracking, but many of you know I work best under pressure. I've got what feels like 14 projects going at once. Sewing will commence, despite the fact that I've now been drafted into doing Dana's hair extensions on Monday and a field trip to Evanston for Vogue with Sara ... sewing must commence. I don't know when I'll have another day off, and this is getting into danger territory. I might enlist the help of a worker bee or two (namely Dana and Lisa, of course).

And I want a new phone. I want to satisfy the ADD side of myself and get a touch screen 3G ... something.

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Remembering a dream from last night, I was cosplaying Ichigo. Now I say "cosplaying" because I knew I wasn't accurate. I had a bad wig, horrible clothes, and a cheap cardboard sword. But I was suppose to look bad. I was following a bunch of other costumed people onto a stage and risers, and we were standing in front of a group of ... parents. Like, our parents. As if we were back in junior high. We started to sing something, but I had no idea what we were singing. There was no music, people were still moving around on the stage, no one was ready for this apparent performance. And then the parents got really ornery and bored, so they decided to just bum rush the stage and pull their kids off.

The worst part about it, though, was seeing my dad in that crew. I hate it when he pops up unexpectedly like that. Every time I see him, it's a sudden shock to my system and I usually wake up from it. And he almost never looks me in the eyes.

Today is a sewing day. It's only 11 am I've finished a pair of pants and have cut out all the fabric for my vest and shirt. All that's left is to work on the coat, and young Dumbledore will be DONE. If I have any energy left, I'm going to try and at least cut out the coat fabric and possibly get the Quidditch robes cut out today. Watching marathons of HP movies seems to be helping and really getting me motivated and excited as HELL for Azkatraz. It's looking more and more likely that I'll be finished with a record number of costumes in the shortest amount of time. I realize I fret over my costume making more than it takes me to make them. I blame my mom for turning me into this paranoid freak.

This weekend is the Port Washington pirate fest and I will, of course, be there. And not surprisingly it's going to rain! Awesome! It's what's to be expected, really. Every single year it's been there (this is it's 4th year I believe) it has just POURED. Really not going to stop me. We're not running a table this year, so it should be more exciting. Barbossa will make an appearance, as will my girl pirate outfit that I made last year and never wore. That should be an exciting weekend, hanging with Lisa, Mouse and Rob again. I had a BLAST last year, and I'm sure it'll be just as fun this year.
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Rough game, Quidditch

I really have to stop being so damn fussy over details. I just bought bolo tie cord and bolo ties (from 2 separate online companies, mind you), faux leather, quilters batting, hook rug binding, and piping cord. I still need to find antique gold rivets, and buy the socks. Other than that, I just need buckles and I'm done buying. It's time for MAKING.

Ho shit, watch out Azkatraz.

I'm going to have to buy the broomstick from Noble Collections just to be super crazy accurate. Damn, scratch that. They only have the Nimbus 2001 and the Firebolt. Oh well, at least Draco can have an accurate broom.

Harry Potter: The Exhibit, first visit

I didn't get my hopes up for it, I'm trying my best to not do that lately for a lot of things. I usually set myself up for dissapointment if I do. But this exhibit was well beyond my expectations.

I don't know how detailed you folks want me to be, in case it shows up in your town and you want to be pleasently surprised. So, for the sake of spoilers, I'll put it behind a cut. And this is EVERYTHING, nothing left out. So it's super spoiler-rific.

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And as you're leaving the exhibit, there's a wall full of clapping portraits, and you're in the gift shop! Yaaay, gift shop! I'm still beyond frustrated that they don't have an exhibit book, and I'm to the point where I'd love to write the WB and tell them to pull that stick out already. I've never seen a company so uptight over such miniscule things. I can understand not making it because you want other people to pay to see it, and having a book would consitute the scanning of images and such maybe ... but c'mon, it's about time the fans got a visual companion! They didn't even have regular shirts, just stupid glittery girl-cut shirts with those super short sleeves that never look good on me.

Overpriced shirts aside, they had a neat sweatshirt I might get next time I go, but for my first trip I found something I couldn't let go of. They had Gentle Giant Ltd. busts, including the one I'd been craving about as long as I knew it was coming out. The transforming Remus Lupin limited edition bust. And it was only $5 more than what GG was selling it for, but they've been out of stock on them since 2008. Ebay only has a few that are about 3 times that price. Now Severus has his wolfie friend to chill next to! So, with werewolf in hand, it ended a wonderful day.

Pictures are up on my facebook here

I couldn't get too many photos, because photography was forbiden. But I was sorted into Slytherin, so I had to break the rules just a bit. When I go again, I'm more confident that I can take more photos and not get caught!

Hear ye hear ye

It's official, I've finished paying off my ambulance bill! I've only got $300 more to go on my ER bill and I'm free!

Then I can start on my mono clinic bills *headdesk*

ACen '09 Report

I don't know what to say about it. I had fun, I'm tired as balls (as would be expected), I made money. I didn't take as many pictures as I'd liked, which was surprising considering I always have my camera with me. I think it was mainly because I didn't really recognize anyones costumes this year. I've been out of the anime loop for a while now. There were a few fantastic non-anime costumes, including a Rufio from Hook, The Shredder, and even two guys dressed as contestants on Legends of the Hidden Temple. My childhood was going nuts at this con, it was pretty wicked.

The walk back and forth to the InterContinental didn't seem like a bad choice at the time, but after it all I'd MUCH rather stay at the Hyatt. It may have been less than a half mile to walk to, but even that, after being sick, was too much. I partied way too hard Friday, that also might've been what did me in this weekend but I hardly regret it.

I know now what to expect from anime fans as far as the artist alley table goes. I highly doubt I'll do it next year, but I was happy I actually sold something. Everything I was hoping would sell quickly didn't go so quickly. I did sell all of my Mario star purses, but for less than half of what I expected. The sushi purse didn't sell, the keychains did quite well, I sold a potion bottle, and someone stole a bracelet. Which is ironic, considering that was the WORST out of the bunch and I was laughing that someone would steal that piece of shit. The jewelry didn't do so well, but I don't know what I was expecting from this crowd.

On Saturday, my contacts were bothering me so much that I couldn't take it. I either had make up on them or they were just way too old. And the second pair I brought, in case they didn't work, I did something incredibly stupid and put 2 pairs in my one case that sometimes leaks the saline solution. So they weren't floating in their solution, and hence fused together. Good going me. This makes me want Lasik really really badly. I wish I didn't have to deal with any of it any more. But $1,000 an eye? Not covered by insurance? Yeah, that hurts.

in_motu_proprio stopped by and I feel bad that I didn't hang out with her more. Particularly because I was feeling rather shitty Saturday night after she left. I went back to the room around 10 because my eyes were hurting so badly I looked like I'd smoked a bong through my eyeballs. But that wasn't the case at all. It was the hurt long after I took the contacts out. My eyelids were nearly fused together, I was terribly afraid I had pink eye.

This year didn't go by as quickly as the past years, probably because I wasn't wasting my time walking from one place to another and did a lot of sitting at the table. I enjoyed my roommates Sarah and Betsy very very much. They were super cute and made my weekend most enjoyable. Betsy's Edea costume was STUNNING. She was, hands down, the best of the 3 I saw. And it was her first costume! That helmet was just so bad ass. Our group was well recieved at the Final Fantasy photoshoot, and I'm glad to say I was the only Irvine. Everyone else had duplicates, but I was the lone cowboy.

Now that it's done, it's time to get started on Azkatraz! I do have Port Washington coming up next month, which should also be a blast now that Mouse isn't doing a table. But I'm looking far more forward to Azkatraz and my lady-wife's visit to Chicago. If I wake up a bit more, I might work in my sewing room today before work. I'm busy now for nearly the entire week, which is alright considering I abandoned them during a busy weekend.

Acen is like crack, crack is like anime? No, wait ...

Last minute packing = last minute costume for Saturday night. Why? Because I wanted to.

What posessed me to want to actually be a girl is beyond me, but it's going to happen. And My Girls are going to be front and center. I'm doing a steampunk ensemble, naturally. I started thinking about what I wanted to wear, then I got to thinking, "Maybe I'll be a stereotypical vampire. Corset, slinky skirt, elbow length gloves ..." and then it totally morphed. I started adding more and more shit to it until it suddenly became steampunk. I'm even going to werewolf it up a little by wearing my contacts and fangs. I'll be wearing my wavy platinum white Dumbledore wig as well. Or maybe my Cissa wig, I'm really not sure. I've got 24 hours to decide!

There's nothing more exciting than being able to pull something out of my stock of stuff and create something completely different. I'm even wearing some window treatments! Two of them, to be exact. And a rabbit pelt donated by in_motu_proprio. The only thing I have to do now is think of a name. I don't even know what my character does. Maybe she's a professional gambler? Yeah, that sounds right.

The weekend is looking phenominal. The Weather Channel people are even jealous of us here in Chicago (I think they're around the Atlanta are, because one of them mentioned it once) because they keep swooning over it.

Time for some last minute errands, then to work, then to sleep ... then to work early again, and THEN Acen. Phew!

Too much of a good thing ...

Well, my day yesterday was better than usual. No work, lazed around most of the day with nothing to do. It's good, though. I need to relax myself before my weekend of crazy awesome.

Started packing, got all my table stuff in my suitcase with no room for the rest of my stuff. Costumes fit in 1 dress bag, rest of my stuff fits in a small duffle bag. 1 bag of snacks and 3 12-packs of soda. That's it, not bad considering I can fill the trunk with nothing but my stuff normally.

Got an e-mail from none other than Glockgal, one of my favorite HP artists, to inform me that my design had been picked for the Azkatraz convention t-shirt contest. Wow, I was so not expecting that. I'd come up with about a half a dozen designs, so I guess it helps when you have a lot of choices right off the bat. It's not only a good thing that you all going to Azkatraz will be wearing my design across your boobs, it's also a great graphic design portfolio piece. I do have to say that in_motu_proprio gave me the dementor idea, so part of its success is from her input.

The other good news that made my day was that my lovely lady stupid_drawings will be attending Azkatraz. I'm so excited, even more so than I was before. I might explode. Siriusly.

Now that ACen is right around the corner and costuming for that is done, it's time to start thinking on my sewing projects for Azk. So as of right now, my tentative Azk costumes are as follows: Quidditch Harry, green version Narcissa, and Young Dumbles as new costumes. Then, I'll probably bring one Harry outfit (I've got 3 ideas for new Harry outfits and then 2 other Harry's I'm willing to bring, the problem is going to be picking just one) and I have to bring Snape now that I have my bad ass Death Eater mask. On top of my own costumes, I've got 3 others to make. Oh joy. 6 costumes to make, let's hope it'll happen. Fingers crossed.

Ohhh why can't it be Friday?
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I'm getting those nervous jitters, and my stomach is making those ... 'sounds' that us girls know as our favorite time of the month. It better come now, I'll not go through ANOTHER Acen on that.

Pulled out the suitcase, realized my gun WILL fit in it and got ecstatic. Irvine's gun will be coming with me to D*C! I hope it makes it, structurally.

I'm really really trying my best to NOT over pack for ACen, but that's near to impossible for me. I'm even bringin 2 suitcases just because I want a smaller wheeled one with me to drag my crap to the table. Gotta go shopping for some food necessities so I'm not buying a $15 burger at the bar in the Hyatt. Or the $4 water bottles in the gift shop. I swear, they jack up the prices JUST for the cons. They've got separate menus for 'anime otaku' and 'normal costumers'.

Got some Crystal Ball pics made, now I just need to do Terminus, and the rest of Portus. man, it sucks to actually have to PAY for these photos ...

Oh, and I sold a Mario star purse on my etsy. Boo-yah.
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