JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

Oh dear God! How is that POSSIBLE?!

Checked my grades, my Intro to Shakespeare grade is finally up ... I got a B! A BEE! How the hell is it that I managed that? I read maybe ... 2 plays. My final paper must've been really wonderfully BSed to manage a B ... oh well, I'm very happy.

And apparently, my WinAmp thinks so too. It's playing Brise. God, this song makes me smile soooo much. This song, and U+K, the R&R concert version. (oh how I love talking about stuff in fans-only code that only a select few could understand XD)

*boogies to Brise, does the funky Gackt dance*

Man, I hope Adam will be able to do the Gekka Gackt dance. He's not very .. coordinated. But that means he can do the Gackt "bullet dodge dance" pretty well.

And it's been a while since my hair actually looked good after I've done nothing to it but wash it and let it air dry ... hee!

I've sorta got a Klaha side-part-over-the-eye thing goin' ... hmm ...

And yes, new iconses! Made by ME!
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