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Blood-and-Death Goth
Vampire Goth -- Perhaps the closest to the
"lolo goth," you are morbid and
dreary. You like to make people feel
uncomfortable around you, and you're happiest
when going to a highly public place with enough
friends who share your interests to make
massive crowds shifty. You have an unusual
liking to blood.

Which Gothic Stereotype Are You?
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Interesting ...

Well, here I am, on the computer. Kozi is 95% done. Went out to buy s'more trim n' fringe because I made the skirt 100 TIMES BETTER! Instead of the silly fold thing I did in the back with velcro, I simply sewed up a seam right up the back, thus adding more skirt which I need to get more trim for, because the Hancock I went to last night didn't have the same trim!

But OMG I'm really happy with everything. I painted the appliques. Today I'm going to glue roses on them and then add them to the tunic. All I have left to do is sew up the cape and then use snap3s ( ^_^ ) to attach it, because that_one_chick told me too :P And then work on the pointy sleeves, and I'm done! w00t!

I'm afraid to walk around in the shoes now, because if they crack, then I'll have to fix 'em. And I left my grey nylons at school, so I can't go FULL Kozi'ed out until I'm back to school (this coming Monday!)

Added the decorations to the Kami coat, bought another pair of smaller ones to make it look pretty, and also found really neat leaf-like ones for the epulets. I noticed that he had something on his epulets, so I went looking, and found these things, glued them to some pink fabric, cut them out, and glued them to the epulets. Fantastico! Then all I need to do is get Starrla to tell me what size pants I should make. I'm thinking that the XS will fit her, considering they're a pattern for adult males. But I just want to be sure *nod*


I need a jorb ...
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