JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

First grade teacher's name: Damn ... uhm ... I remember just as far back asmy 4th grade teacher ... and OMG, I just realized her name was Mrs. Norris O_o
Last words you said: Jen: Are you sick? Me: uh huh Jen: You gonna lay down there and not on the bed? Me: uh huh
Last song you sang: Migt've been a Maroon5 song last night ... Harder to Breathe, I think
Last person you hugged: Iola, for making me a hamburger last night
Last thing you laughed at: Iola kissing Baby's butt
Last time you cried: Last night, watching Dancer in the Dark
Last thing you ate: corn fritters that Iola made me... perhaps that's why I got sick ...
What's in your cd player: mix CD I just made
What color socks are you wearing: I'm wearing 2 pairs of white socks.. odd, ne?
What's under your bed: my suitcase, a box of old school books, most of my shoes
What time did you wake up today: 2:30 pm today
Where do you wish you were: Anywhere but here
Where do you want to live: London, Japan, Australia, I don't care. Not the US
What is your career going to be: professional internet junkie
How many kids do you want: dunno
What kind of car will you have: a '98 black Ford Mustang that I get to pretty-up and Jen will race it for me
Current hair: still blue-black ...roots are growing in, need to re-dye
Current clothes: red Quidditch shirt, black spandex shorts, socks
Current annoyance: That Jen isn't up yet
Current longing: to cuddle with Sev
Current desktop picture: The computer that I'm on (Ann's) has a purrty picture of Juste Belmont
Current worry: That I'm gonna get kicked out of school, and that I won't have enough money for ACen
Current hate: Feeling dirty (need to shower)
Story behind your LJ username: After doing Gardeniacosplay, I didn't want to throw my costume in the closet. My friend had given me a store display of a battle droid from Star Wars, one of those neat 3D kinds. So, I put my costume on him. I needed to give him a name. Well, not really, but Jen's nickname was ejinbot,and I thought that KoziBot fit him well. So, thus was born KoziBot.
Current favorite article of clothing: my pin stripe pants
Favorite physical features of the opposite sex: Hip grooves
Last cd that you bought: Haven't gotten a new CD since buying HP
Favorite places to be: At Jen's dorm, in my dorm, in bed,at conventions
Least favorite place: School, home, the dentist, the dermatologist
Favorite thing to make: costuuuumes
If you could play any instrument, what would it be: Piano or violin
Favorite color(s): black, navy blue, red
Do you believe in an afterlife? I guess
How tall are you? 5'5.5"
Current favorite word: scandolesu taepu!
Favorite book: Goblet of Fire
Favorite season: Anything but winter
One person from your past you wish you could go back and talk to: My grandpa Ross. I wish he were still around.
Favorite day: Friday, I guess. Means the start of the weekend
Type a line you remember from any book: uh... how about a movie instead? "Did you see his face?Maybe ifthe fat lump had given this a squeeze, he would've remembered to fall on his fat arse ..."
A random lyric: "You play games and play tricks, girls and girls but you're the one, like a game of pick-up sticks,played by (fuckin') lunatics"
Identify some things surrounding your computer: Hamtaro guys, a shite-load of papers, CDs, sketchbooks, an address book, more plushies, an empty McDonald's cut, scanner, maps, Hershey's kisses wrappers,a pair of headphones, a Glade plug in that isn't plugged in ...
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