JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

What to do now?

Azkatraz report coming soon, still working on it. In short, it was totally awesome and unforgetable.

The closer my store comes to closing, the more I'm hearing about last minute changes. Not only is it not appropriate for a big company like JoAnn's, but it's totally unprofessional. I'm certainly not willing to stress out over new management and complete bullshit at this new store when they've cheated the women that have been working there for 10+ years out of a job at the new store.

Needless to say, I'm looking for a new job. Finally I'm hopefully going for a graphic design job, but I fear it's far too late for me. It's been 3 years since I've really worked with photoshop, I can't even remember if I've used InDesign, and Illustrator is a bit fuzzy, too. I'm going to have to go back to school to remind myself, but truth be told I don't think I took full advantage of my classes to begin with. I was always the stupid kid in the back row that just did something to get it done.

Maybe that's what I have to do, go back to school. But without a job come October, that's next to impossible. I really can't afford it without a job, but I can't do retail any more. How do you go from a lifelong resume of retail to something like graphic design? Hell, at this point I'll take anything that involves a computer and more than minimum wage. I don't even know where to begin. I tried the Career Center at DePaul about 2 years ago and that didn't help one bit. It gave me more questions than answers. I'm trying online job market searches, which is really the only way I can think to find anything to do with computers.

Advice is greatly appreciated.
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