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It seems to be all online lately, scenes popping up all over the place. Now, I know the movie is coming out soon and they need to pump up advertising, but what happened to, oh I don't know, commercials on TV? Every time I check my LJ there's a new scene posted by TLC.org. I've been really good and haven't watched ANY of them. Well, mostly because I'm still sewing my arse off. I'm SO CLOSE to finishing, it's all starting to hit.

My vacation was approved of, but I'm working 8 days in a row, maybe even more, just before we leave :( I should've taken the week before off, since my lady-wife is going to be here in Chicago for a improv class that week. But I didn't want to push it. I really shouldn't have to feel bad about taking a vacation. But now with the store moving and us having to reapply for positions, it's going to be really rough. I'm crossing my fingers that nothing bad comes up and I can still make it to D*Con :/ Besides, working 8 days in a row will guarantee me money for SF, so I'm really not complaining. Too much.

On the sewing front, today I'm tackling my last quilted leather piece and then some gloves (which are possibly the most complicated thing in these costumes). The last thing to sew is in_motu_proprio's final piece to her Ball costume. Cross your fingers that it'll all get done.
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