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Pirates, tattoos, but not necessarily pirate tattoos.

The 4th Anual Port Washington, Wisconsin Pirate Fest was last weekend, as some of you may know. I had to work my arse off this week, hence the report coming so late.

I didn't take ANY pictures, but I did have a few taken of me. That's not right. I shall remedy that at Azkatraz.

This year we didn't have a vendor booth, so we had a lot of time to bum around, and bumming around is what we do best. That, and eat. We arrived Saturday afternoon, got all set up at the Super 8 down the street. I wore my pirate girl outfit and looked a bit like Kiera Knightly dressed as a typical pirate wench. I got a few compliments. Mouse took a few photos. Dana was dressed like my auburn haired brother.

We walked around and explained to Dana what was there last year, Mouse met up with her friends. We did a lot of wandering up to the Windy and back to the giant inflatable 'krakken taking down a ship' slide thingie. It was wicked awesome, and I cursed myself for leaving my camera in the hotel room. At the end of the first day, they were deflating it and a Jack Sparrow picked up a half deflated tentacle and had his friend take a 'Victory' pose of him. It was epic.

Lots of amazing costumes this year, only a few Jacks. I didn't see TJ from last year as Jack, he was in fact in an original outfit this time. But who could miss that famous Jack-like goatee and mustache?

We ate at the China King, which was downright delicious once again. It was slightly cloudy, maybe a little drizzly, but overall wasn't completely unbearable weather. We were tired, Lisa had been driving all day, and we wanted to hit up the hot tub in the hotel again. It did wonders on our feet after a hard days work. This time we added a little liqor involvement. Got to bed at a decent time, knowing I'd have to wake up early tomorrow to put on my more ambitious make up.

Sunday arrived, clouds on the horizon, but by the time we were finished getting breakfast, getting dressed and packed to load up the car, the rain would be gone. We were actually on time for the pirate parade, as measily as it was. It was a whole 2 minutes long, lol.

But then the rest of the day was brilliantly sunny. We watched the fight on the hill, the cannons fire, the belly dancers. It was overall much more enjoyable. We bought home made sasafras root beer in a wicked old school like bottle. Met up with TJ, this time he was in Jack. Caught up from last year, improvements on costumes, etc.

By then we were beat, Lisa looked ready to collaps, and I was starving. We decided on Cheesecake Factory, and I'm going to KILL Lisa for suggesting it, but the Bang-Bang chicken and shrimp I had from there was the most orgasmic thing I've ever tasted. I inhaled that dish and licked my plate clean. I'm even tempted right now to go spend $20 on lunch just to get it again. That's how good it is.

I also got a tattoo updated. My crappy free lightning bolt that some of you know as the 'N' on my chest was made bigger and way more bad ass. It's still healing, so I'll be taking a photo when it's more healed. First tattoo of the year down, 2 more to go. Next is either a) potion bottle over DM b) Rocketeer c) a design for my dad (which I haven't quite decided on just yet) d) another portion of my back piece (TBD). I may possibly even do it on the last day of SF, gotta scout around for a parlor that's decently priced.

Speaking of SF, on Tuesday it will be exactly 1 month until Azkatraz, and 3 weeks until my lady-wife is due to arrive here in Chicago. I've got to get cracking, but many of you know I work best under pressure. I've got what feels like 14 projects going at once. Sewing will commence, despite the fact that I've now been drafted into doing Dana's hair extensions on Monday and a field trip to Evanston for Vogue with Sara ... sewing must commence. I don't know when I'll have another day off, and this is getting into danger territory. I might enlist the help of a worker bee or two (namely Dana and Lisa, of course).

And I want a new phone. I want to satisfy the ADD side of myself and get a touch screen 3G ... something.
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