JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

I totally forgot about this awesome website www.potterparties.com

Here are a few of the more festival-like Book 7 parties that will be happening

Princeton, Illinois looks promising. This one actually looks like the best ... yet it's a good, oh ... 2 hour drive from home. That might prove difficult, particularly after we get our books at midnight. That's a lot of driving.

Oak Park is having another Diagon Alley Party. Went for the 5th book, was not very impressed, but perhaps it'll be better? Who knows, this is a last resort. It is also a lot closer than the Princeton party.

Then there's this one at UIC, and a million and a half Borders/Barnes postings. These three seem like more than just a book release. Perhaps more will pop up later this month. We'll have to decide on one soon! I need to pre-order liek WHOA.
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