JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

Drink Bleach and DIE


So ... after all that ... stupid pointless wasted time, Kariya just ... up and vanished on his own. I didn't believe for one second that he and Ichigo were alike at all. The whole point in blowing up Sereitei was out of the basic revenge plot and was totally stretched out. But hey, got some laughs out of it. Like the awesome blaringly obvious drawn mistake of Kariya's hand being drawn backwards ... that was top notch.

On top of Quincy fucking up AGAIN (it was his fault in the first place), Chado and Inoue being just in the background, and Rukia finally getting her arse out of bed ... man, it was just not nice to do what they did to us. Besides that, what's with Byakuya? Or Yourichi for that matter? They could've EASILY TAKEN KARIYA OUT AT ANY TIME ... but no, ICHIGO had to do it, because he's the 'I've gotta find myself' tongari boy *huff* I'm just glad it's over.

Now it'll only take them like ... 12 episodes to get BACK to the original manga storyline ... I should get back to reading those, as well as grab Death Note 8 ... is 9 out yet? I'm so behind in my reading -_-

Ok, so ... onto the next news: The Deathly Hallows ... ok ... uhm ... no.

My first reaction was: "Hollows? Oh no." I can see Harry commanding a crowd of Hollows into battle, a la Return of the King. And that's just ... silly.

Then I realized it's Hallows. Still ... all I can think of is Hollows. I'm sure it'll ... make sense ... later.
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