JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

I'm sure every pre-PotC2 Jack Sparrow cosplayer (Toby and myself included) is excitted to learn that all of our hard work in finding every last scrap of detail in Jack's costume is now given so freely to those new generation Jack cosplayers thanks to the PotC2 DVD special edition. A head to toe costume study of Jack Sparrow, including what fabrics they used, where they got it, and almost literally how it was made, is on the 2nd disc.

Now I know that the bone in his hair isn't just a bone used for sail fixing, but that it's a reindeer's shin bone. Yes, a reindeer's ... shin ... bone. Wow. How much more do I need to spend on this costume? No, I don't want to be Toby. I will NOT spend more money on a costume I already claimed to be done with. RAAAAH! DAMN YOU JOHNNY FOR BEING SO COOL!
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