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Today's the day, got my copy of PotC2. w00t~sauce. I'm a bit dissapointed by the lack of features, but maybe next year they'll come out with another 'lost DVD' just so I can re-buy it again. I did get a rather neat tin, because I bought it from Blockbuster *shrug*

Didn't get to eat at work today. Gonna kill Boss, telling people greeting cards will be ready the next day. Almost broke down and cried because people are being such asshats. Seriously, I didn't get a chance to even breath until it was 1/2 an hour before I had to go home. Went through 3 friggin' rolls of paper. 3!! That's ... madness. Utter, true madness.

Sold a XTi today, but it was under the Boss's name because she went to another store to find this guy a silver body and stuff. Also added 2 memory cards, a bag, an ESP, a printer, and almost sold him on a membership except he thought his wife already got one. That's like ... $25 in SI for Dana. She sold him on the camera, I did the rest thankyouverymuch. Oh well.

All I want for Christmas is a bag of the freshest smelling weed there is. That's all, nothing else. Please, Santa?
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