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9 ways to win my heart:
- don't make fun of me for liking Harry Potter
- how about don't make fun of me period?
- cuddling, that's always nice
- I'd say buy me stuff, but then that's rather selfish of me. But just little things, not even anything that's expensive. It could even be free stuff or pixel-stuff. I like getting things.
- cosplay with me
- give me a massage, that ALWAYS works
- make me unagi maki with your own hands
- tell me the truth
- buy me a new car :D
- I've run out of ideas ... uhm ... find world peace?

8 things I want to do before I die:
- go back to Europe and visit Japan ... just travel in general
- find someone I can be with for a very long time, hopefully forever.
- see my favorite artists in concert
- find my financial independence
- get a kitty
- learn a new language fluently
- work on some aspect of a Harry Potter film
- cosplay something really extravegant and totally insane

7 ways to annoy me:
- tell me Harry Potter is dumb with nothing behind your reasoning
- wearing shoes without socks ><
- leaving in the middle of a theater film to pee
- make me feel stupid
- nag me about things that I need to do, it makes me less likely to do them
- changing anything that concerns me without informing me of these changes
- my car

6 things I believe in:
- faeries
- pirates
- God is a figment of human imagination
- pot should be legalized
- I'm stumped, I don't know what else I believe in ...
- Snape is innocent!

5 things I'm afraid of:
- speeding freight trains
- werewolves
- dying alone
- being taken advantage of
- badgers

4 things in my room:
- my Snape mini bust
- my deflated Harry Potter balloon
- a lot of my grandfather's paintings, stored away for safe keeping
- my sewing notions, but not my sewing machine

3 things I do everyday:
- eat
- smoke
- pee

2 things I want to do right now:
- go back to sleep and not get ready for work
- be anywhere but in America

1 person I want to see right now:
- This is the question usually reserved for 'that special someone' and I hate it. I don't have one, there's no one I'm just DYING to see right now ... and it sucks ... so go away ... nyah.

I'm up in time to be at work when it opens, but I don't have to be at work until noon. I have cleaning to do ... before the cleaning people come. I know, it sounds stupid but ... I don't want them touching my shit to move it out of the way. Whenever I do leave stuff out, it gets moved to a completely random place in my room.

I woke up starving again. But I can't eat for another half an hour or I will be regreting it all day.

My next day off is Saturday. Damn that's a long way away *huff*
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