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What is all this shit about Emma Watson not returning to Harry Potter? I mean, you're 5 films into it, you have 2 more to go. Why would you say no to an instant hit movie? That's like saying "Would you like an instant cool $12 million guaranteed or possibly something that will be a flop at the box office?" These actors on their high horses thinking they can just skip out on Potter films. Seriously, I don't see what her problem is. Tom Felton said he was going to quit after the 3rd one, and turn to fisheries managing. Why did that flop? Because his super stardom would follow him for the wrong reasons in fisheries managing and it was just pointless. Emma doing another film and NOT the HP films is equally as pointless. Well, ok she can do other films, but NOT doing the last two is just silly talk. She's going to do it. That's like saying "Oh, I've created this $500 costume to wear to ACen and ... I'm just not going now because I don't feel like it." It's like, wtf? Come on! You're going to do it, and you know it.

Granted, I don't know why I'm trying to keep her in the films because I'm not a fan of Hermione/Emma in the slightest. It would just look really damn weird if another random girl showed up in Hermione's place. It wouldn't feel right at all, the chemistry would be completely lost. Oh yes, there's chemistry between Dan, Emma and Rupert. Don't deny it. If anything, I bet Dan and Rupert will keep her in the last two. I know I'm not the only Potter fan that thinks this.

I don't know why I'm so adamant about this.

Back to watching Death Note 8!
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