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Anyone that knows what Ventrilo and DotA are should check this out. I don't, but I like the song a lot. Some say it's the next 'Numa Numa'. I ... don't think so.

I guess while I'm on the subject of cool videos, this one is actually quite neat too. I love break dancers. They're like ... musical ninjas.

Ok, and because I'm bored, here's a cosplay meme stolen from starlet2214

1. How did you find out about anime conventions?
My ex-best friend Heather said "Hey, there's this anime ... thing we should go to. It's were people go and get dressed up and talk about anime." I was bored that day, so I just went along.

2. What and where was your first convention?
Anime Central 2000 in Arlington Heights, IL

3. How old were you at your first convention?
still in highschool so ... uhm ... 17 I think.

4. Did you cosplay at your first convention, and if so, as whom?
Yep, it was a last minute thing. VERY last minute. I borrowed a friends karate outfit and another friends magenta kimono and another friends red long wig and sword and went as super ghetto!Kenshin. It was fabulous.

5. How many conventions have you attended presently?
Uhm ... over 20 I think. 3 this year alone!

6. What was your favorite convention and why?
ACen used to be fun, but now it's just filled with so much stress that it's sooo not worth it any more. I'd have to say that I really loved Lumos the most so far. I met SO many new friends and had a blast with all of my costumes and being in a gorgeous resort. It really was a blast.

7. List all your cosplays that you've cosplayed in the past (that you can remember) and tell which one is your favorite.
Jedi, Kenshin, a bunch of Kozi's, Alice from DDR, Au Revior Gackt, Oasis Gackt, Meier Link, Harry Potter, a few Snapes, Remus Lupin, Vincent Valentine, Captain Jack Sparrow .. those are what I can sorta remember. My favorite would have to be boggart Snape, though. Those that know it just smile with glee, and those that don't are dumb.

8. If you have a dream convention that you want to attend, what is it?
I'd like to maybe attempt to go to Expo ... maybe not cosplay, just go take pictures. I'd also love to hit Anime North so I can see Pan Chan and bluerose25 again :)

9. Do you attend convention events, such as panels, karaoke, etc.?
Hardly. Every now and then I'll go to a panel. But I'm mostly there for the dealers room, the cosplay, and meeting other cosplayers.

10. Have you ever entered a masquerade? And if so as who and did you win?
I've masq'ed 5 times and won ... 4 :) A pair of judge's choices, a novice group award, and a Best of Show craftsmanship group.

11. Do you buy anything in the dealer's room? If so, what do you buy?
Lately it's been BLEACH anything. I tend to buy stuff I can't get normally. So, art books, figures, and doujin catch my fancy more than anything.

12. Do you buy anything in the artist alley? If so, what do you buy?
I've bought a very small handful of things in artist alley's. Mostly it's to support an artist I know ^_^

13. What is the longest distance you've traveled to get to a convention either by plane or car?
YaoiCon 2005 by CAR, w00t 39 hours.

14. Have you met your favorite English voice actor?
Uhm ... well, sorta? I met Ayane from Fruits Basket, that guy was fucking hillariously awesome. Oh, and Greg Ayers is one kick ass guy. I don't particularly LIKE English VA's because dubbing makes me cringe, but I like them as people that are interesting to hang out with and talk to.

15. Do you generally go to conventions with friends? Or your special someone? Or both?
I'm always there with friends, they are my special someone's ^_^

16. Have you met a special someone at a convention and then hooked up there, or after?
Uhm ... no. That's just ... Wrong.

17. Do you regret going to any specific convention? And if so, why?
KazeCon was sorta a bust ... haven't gone back since, but I think that's almost everyone elses opinion as well :\ Really, I have fun at all of the cons I go to ... for the most part.

18. What conventions do you have planned for next year?
Acen (I'm sorta stuck on it, really), YaoiCon and Phoenix Rising.

19. Have you made your dream costume yet? If so, who/what is it?
boggart!Snape was definitly a dream costume. I'm very happy about that one. It's one that I really have no need to update or change. So is my Professor Snape costume, that's definitly one of my babies (though it still could use a bit of tweaking).

20. Do you go by your forum name/pen name/nickname at cons?
I'm mostly called Jules, but a few people call me Kozibot ... probably because they don't know my real name.

21. Do you have a convention that's on your birthday?
No, my birthday is during the con off-season.

22. What is your current favorite anime/manga/video game? Have you cosplayed it yet?
Bleach is tres awesome. I've cosplayed from it, but I've got other bigger plans for it.

23. Do you make your own costumes, thrift them, or get them commissioned, etc?
I make everything myself. Sometimes I get Jen to make me pieces, but that is becoming a rarity as I learn new things from her all the time.

24. Do you have any retired costumes? If any, why are they retired?
I have costumes that don't fit me any more, costumes that I've dissected into new ones, and costumes that I just don't think I'll ever wear again. I guess you could call those retired.

25. What costumes do you have planned for next year? Or if there are a lot of them, what series?
I've got a few planned for Phoenix Rising, Barbossa for the PotC3 premiere, and at least 1 Bleach costume but ... for the most part that's it. Unless someone says, "Hey, you'd make a GREAT _____" and I'll go "Ok, I'll do it." just out of boredom.

26. Did you like this meme?

27. Are you bored out of your mind because you're not at a con?
No. Not at all.

28. When is your next con?
I suppose ACen.

29. Have you started any of your costumes for your next con?
I've began to gather materials, but with a full time job it's kinda hard to do anything.

Maybe I'm just not too observant, but ... I suddenly have a gig worth of space in my hotmail folder? That's rather sweet ... not that I ever fill that up or anything ... I don't think I ever came close to filling up the 250 MBs I had before.
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