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Ooooh man, the dreams that came to me last night were very hard to forget.

First off, it started with me taking a really long bus ride to a middle of nowhere camp in the middle of the night. I was put in a Japanese style room and left alone to ... I don't know what I was suppose to do, so I laid down. Then these people came to talk to me and I wasn't interested in talking, and they were just trying to be my friends. I wouldn't have it, for some reason. Then this cute boy that kinda reminded me of Hanataro came in and said he was there just to see me, because he'd heard about me and wanted to meet me. It was flattering, but I didn't know why I was there in the first place. Then, some girls came to take me out of my room, they were real serious about it for some reason and I was protesting a lot, saying how I wanted to just be left alone. They dragged me down a hallway and surprised me with an intensive spa treatment given by beautiful men in loin cloths (I kid you not). I was happy then, they were making me feel better, life was good.

After the spa massage treatment and stuff, I got up and went back to my room to get dressed for the party that was going down. I'm not dressed too fancy, just my usual attire, and I head into the bar. Oh man, I have such a clear memory of this bar, it would be an amazing idea to actually make it. There isn't a straight line in the place. There are no lights, because the walls themselves are semi-transparent orange glowing material. There's a big step up bar in the very middle, and the floor is actually about 2 to 3 feet of crystal clear water. In the water are stingrays (ok, that part might be a little weird) and other fish, and along the walls are aquariums with other exotic fish and seahorses and sharks and stuff. On the opposite side of the aquarium wall is a full sized theater. Not a movie theater, but like and actual stage, and some play is going on, which you can go watch with drink in hand.

I'm walking around the place, just admiring it for it's strange beauty, and I hear the music change. Someone starts singing kareoke, some popular song that gets everyone's attention. I turn over to the bar nestled along the back corner close to the door and I see that it's xryan_wx and Will Ferrel singing together while standing ontop of the bar. Yes, that's right Ryan. You and Will Ferrel had lovely singing voices.

I chuckle to myself and head out the back door opposite the bar to have a smoke (because I figured you can't smoke in a 'pool'). I step outside into the brisk evening air and there are a bunch of pot heads enjoying themselves out in the backyard, sprawled out on blankets, some in chinz chairs. I wave to them and I realize I'm ... wearing my Vincent costume. Some guy comes up to me wearing a red bathrobe and says he wants to be Vincent someday and I just smile and nod. I don't have my cigarette, and instead return inside to the bar, where I see alabastard and alabastardragon walking up to me in all their Malfoy glory as usual. I sit them down at a table that isn't in the water-bar area and invite them to have dinner on me. I pull up a menu and Draco says, "I've been in America forever and all the American food I've ever eaten has been turkey sandwiches and cake!" And just at that time, what does the waitress bring him but ... a turkey sandwich and cake. I look on the menu for something else American to order for him, and I find out the menu is filled with everything that ISN'T American, like lasagna, sushi, and perogi's. I appoligize and he just shrugs it off and eats the turkey anyways.

Yeah ... uhm ...

I saw Happy Feet. Best movie ever. Really, it was a great film, not really a childrens movie, but if a parent were smart they'd take their kids to see it because of the political aspect to it and forget about the little sexual inuendos.

So I haven't heard the Justin Timberlake song about bringing sexy back, but this Weebl and Bob parody will stick in my mind forever when I hear the song on the radio. And speaking of that song, Jen tells me that Prince seemed mighty offended by his lyrics, claiming "Sexy never left" XD Oh Price, how we love you so.
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