JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

Summarize 10 of your fandoms in one sentence, then see who on your friend's list can guess each fandom.

10) The men are prettier than the women and emo boy moments are more common than sunny days.
9) In the older seasons, the leader is much more funny than his movie counterpart.
8) Without the invention and mastering of CG, I would've never gotten into this fandom, let alone attempted the books. voldiebeth
7) There is no other fandom I know that I can make 1 cosplay outfit for it and become almost all of the different characters just by switching wigs. lilacwire
6) Dirty sword fighting men never looked so hawt. lilacwire
5) I've boycotted the new ones, and loath the Maker for even thinking to attempt them. lilacwire
4) A stupid kid runs around trying to save the world, while getting buttsecksed by everyone and everything around him (in my mind, at least). voldiebeth
3) After watching an episode where their 'travel device' takes down an alien ship, I've always turned off my cel phone on airplane trips.
2) It's the only reality show I'll watch on TV that I think two completely straight guys would look totally hot with one another, and want to write a fic about them.
1) You know it's bad when you invision a ball rolling across the road to pluck up the traffic so you can get to your destination quicker. snowhite_dahlia and disolvinggirl

9) ???
8) Lord of the Rings
7) Bleach
6) Pirates of the Caribbean
5) Star Wars
4) Harry Potter
3) ???
2) ???
1) Katamari Damacy
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