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I think there's some strange bug going around. I was freezing cold last night, had dad bump up the heat so it actually gets to my end of the house. Spent all night wrapped up in 2 very warm blankets, still was hardly enough. I woke up at around 11 with a massive headache, tossed and turned until around 3:30 am. I moved downstairs onto the couch, but that lasted about 15 minutes. Went back upstairs, tried to fall asleep, somehow ended up doing so only to wake up 10 minutes before I had to be at work. I felt really really heavy in my limbs and sore all over, but it wasn't your usual sickness sore. I thought I had mono, of course I've never had mono before so I don't know the true symptoms. Was sick all day at work, The Boss wouldn't let me go home. Suck-tastic day to say the least.

So now I'm home, a whole hour early, I don't feel that heavy sensation but I do feel tired. I'm gonna shower and go to bed before 9 pm. I'm turning into an old woman, I swear.

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