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Only in Dreams ...

So, this time I found myself going to work at a costume shop. I park in the back, not by the front door so as to give the customer's the better parking spots, as I was told to do. It was my first day and I step into the back part of the shop to start cleaning up racks and organizing things, and all of a sudden the lights go out and I hear an alarm being set. Me and 2 other guys there are like "I ... guess we're not working today?" so we rush to the front door before the crazy guy that set the alarm locks us in. He doesn't even notice that he was locking people in, how rude. So, I head back to my car, to find it missing. There's a truck delivery side to the building that I, aparently, didn't see. My car was in the way of it, so the delivery guys decided to move it down the street 2 blocks. I'm pissed that they decided to move my car without me, but I hike off down the road to go get it. When I find it, sitting in a Wal Mart parking lot, I realize I've lost my keys. I don't have any pockets, I must've left them back at the costume shop. Well, how inconvenient is that? Instead of walking back to the shop empty handed, I realize my car is unlocked and get in ... and start driving it, without the keys. It's really sluggish, I manage to get it back to the costume shop by somehow drifting down hill. My keys are laying right next to the door, I get them, turn my car on, and head down the street.

I think the dream is set in Vegas, or somewhere equally deserty, because the next thing I know I'm driving down really barren streets to get to ... a hotel. A convention hotel, no less. People are in costume everywhere, I head up to my room where Jen, Dana, Keidy, and Perseus and Draco are chilling, waiting for me. They're in various costumes. Jen's in D, Dana's in a Toshiya-looking outfit, Perseus and Draco are in their Ren Faire finest, feathered hats and all, and Keidy's in Izuru. I don't have a costume - as what usually happens in my dreams - so I put one together. I go as a cross between Kyo and Harry Potter, all black mesh, leather ripped stuff, spikey black hair and glasses, and I'm carrying around this basketball sized talking skull that tells people the truth about their costumes.

Uhm ... so the dream ended with me in another persons hotel room, drinking rum and playing KH1. WTF.

I need to get a life.
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