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Wow, I need to like ... stop buying stuff. I just bought Bleach Heat the Soul 2, this game called Work Time Fun (or WTF, which is one of the reasons I bought it. It has a cartoony picture of a guy yelling "WTF!" on the cover. It's kinda like WarioWare ... kinda), Kingdom Hearts 1 because whenever I'd ask to borrow it from a friend, they were still in the middle of working on it (it's considered a 'Greatest Hits' so it was only $20) Then I got a bunch of accessory shit for my PSP, like this kit that had a screen sticker (what I originally was only going to Fry's to get -_- ), USB cable, auto charger, UMD cleaner, retractable headphones and AC adapter cord, and a black strap. Then I bought the Playgear, only because I can change the inserts a billion times, depending on my mood :P That rocks.

I think ... I'm becoming a video game addict. I'm really good at buying all this shit, not too good at ... playing. I really wish someone would come out with an English translation guide ( aka, Sawako needs to NOT BE IN PEORIA ) because I can't unlock Hanataro without knowing how to get through Story Mode :( I love Hanataro! And silly me, I didn't wait for them to come out with an American version of the games (because I CAN'T WAIT), which is no doubt going to happen I'm sure of it.

So, Dana got the Diru tickets. Swt, can't wait. Gotta find a new outfit for that show XD

I want to go on a vacation. Like, a serious vacation. Not a convention vacation, but a real one. I really want to go to Disney World, for some reason. And no, it's NOT for Pirates of the Caribbean, but there's no doubt in my mind I'll be going to that ride if we DO go. And Jurassic Park, too. And because Dana's never gone, I think she needs to go. Besides, now I can enjoy Pleasure Island! XD
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