JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

Stolen meme from puellaris

First: Salt N Peppa
Worst: uhm ... I ... really don't know if I have a worst album ...
Best: by best meaning 'most listened to' I'd have to say the PotC soundtrack

First: The creepy red headed boy down the street ... when I was like, 8
Worst: Josh
Best: Harrold wasn't too bad

First: Sophomore year of college
Worst: All of them were pretty bad
Best: Have yet to find the best ...

First: McDonald's when I was 14 ... yes, 14.
Worst: Luv It Greeting Cards. Blowing up balloons sucked.
Best: Home Depot had the nicest people, but the worst managers.

First: Heinekin in Italy, 8th grade
Worst: About 5 straight shots of rum at lilacwire's pirate party
Best: Definitly drunken monopoly

First: 5th grade on the playground of my jr. high after school with my friend Sarah
Worst: Smoked a whole pack in one day sitting at my computer Jr. year of college. That nearly killed me.
Best: Heh ... oh how I love you ganj

Family Trip
First: Gods, I can't remember my first every trip ... but I do vaguely remember seeing pictures of me in a baby stroller at Niagra Falls.
Worst: The last few trips we decided to go on as a family ... most of them were to Pittsburg to visit my grandma.
Best: The last few trips to Disney World

Video/Computer Game
First: Tetris on the GameBoy
Worst: Sims2 for PSP
Best: Katamari Damacy!

First: Ran into the corner of a wall when I was 2, split open my head, had to get stitches, don't really remember it much
Worst: might've been the one mentioned above, but I can remember jamming my handlebars of my bike into my front teeth once when I was about 8 or 9. That hurt ...
Best: I'd have to say getting that cut above my eyebrow with a sword ... I was trying to be Harry Potter, see? This was Sophomore year of college working at the costume shop.

First: Word processor, baby! Yeah!
Worst: My gateway sucks pretty bad right about now ... 6 years old and all
Best: Meh, haven't found one yet.

Musical Instrument
First: Piano
Worst: Piano
Best: Flute

Trouble with the law
First: My first ever ticket was for ... parking on the wrong side of the street, I think.
Worst: $119 speeding ticket in Nebraska >O
Best: smoking pot right next to a cop car ... with cops in it. On school property.

First: Baron Brighton, back in grammar school, omg I can't believe I remember his name :O
Worst: Petras in highschool
Best: uhm ... Johnny ... Depp?

First: The Sound of Music
Worst: The Blair Witch Project
Best: Too many to list ... can't think of just 1.

First: Tori/Alanis concert in highschool with Ash
Worst: Fear Factory concert
Best: Dir en Grey in LA! YEAH!

First: sci-fi TV actors
Worst: Harry Potter
Best: Harry Potter
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