JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

So, I told myself I'd never buy one of those outrageous PSP games, the ones that were nearly the price of a regular PS2 game, but I just couldn't help myself on this one. Bleach: Beat the Soul 3. I ... don't know what 1 and 2 are (I think I played 1 before, on Keidy's PSP) but 3 has Hitsugaya-chan on the cover *shrug*. And this auction came with a free Kon keychain with 'pre-order'. I don't think it's a pre-order any more, because everyone was selling it. I don't care if I get the keychain, I just want the game. Fighting games are one of the few things I really like to play, so it's awesome that they made a Bleach game.

Bleach: The Rock Musical finished downloading. I think I'm going to go watch it and fawn over Izuru, because he's so damn funny and cute it makes me want to just ... burst.

And Congrats to Jenni, who got 1st place in the cosplaylab VHD contest. I knew she'd win ^_^
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