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My Dobby-grandma (yes, she looks like Dobby. One of these days I'll take a picture to show you all.) is going completly senile. I'm going to escape my mom's bitchy wrath and go take a shower then head over to Mitsuwa. The book store, the one thing I really go to Mitsuwa for, is closing on Halloween. Everything is 50% off, might find something. And I can get some good unagi that I've been craving. So sad :(

If anyone is interested, there's a Halloween Party happening at Jenni's house. All are welcome! Call me (630)440.0986 for info if interested, party starts at 7. She lives right behind a bar, so expect we'll be hitting that up at some point during the night. Or BYOB.

I just remembered something funny I was suppose to put in my LJ when I returned from San Fran, "Can we turn the AC off? It's making my nipples hurt." XD
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