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Ok, so I haven't done this for a while, mostly because I thought I'd grown out of this phase in cosplay. But I feel ... crazy tonight and want to give my opinion of AX pictures someone just uploaded to the cosplay LJ comm. Most of them are good comments, but I can't be held responsible if something BAD is said ... so, on to the pictures!

Cloud post-AC? Ok, looks like our little emo boy let himself go a bit ... I mean, damn look at those tits!

Avatar the Last Airbender! Ok, I admit I actually kinda like this show, despite it being a total rip off of anime. I seriously hope this lady didn't shave her head specifically for this costume. Although ... it would suck if she had cancer and no hair because of chemo o.o

Ishida and Aizen OMG, so Ishida's hair looks like it's better fit on Snape than Ishida, but his bow is great. And that Aizen just makes my blood run cold. Not necessarily the cosplayer, but the fact that I just watched a very important part of Bleach, and I'm torn between whether I like Aizen or not ... AIZEN TAICHOOOOOU *end Hinamori impersonation*

HARDO GAY! Hells yeah.

Blue from Fosters Home This ... just ... rocks. I like the fabric choice.

Trigun How is this still popular? Oh wait, that's right. Hot Topic *rolls eyes*

Byakuya ..... *sigh*

Mizerable Gackt Why do I get the feeling his girlfriend made this for him and told him to wear it ... or she'd leave him.

Legato Ok, Legato was one of my first serious cosplays, I thought I didn't do too bad of a job. But this kid is FANTASTIC. His skull is just ... perfect. Damn. Too bad his hair is dyed and not a wig, that's the only problem I have with this.

Bleach Captains and Vice-Captains Not bad. I especially like Scientist-creepy guy and Sephiroth dude's zanpakutoh.

dog!Sesshomaru I think there should be a pet cosplay contest. I think animals dressed up are 10 times cuter than children and babies.

Mugen killed Jin and stole his outfit! Sure looks like it, doesn't it?

mini!Toshiya ok, this is cute. Start 'em early on the jrock. Good parents.

KON O_____O He looks sooooo squishable.

I think this is ... Final Fantasy? Geez, who are these dorks? :P

YAY FOR IKKAKU Seriously, he's the best non-main character evar. Especially his Lucky dance. If I could pull off a bald head, I'd totally cosplay him.

Alucard What Alucard is thinking: "Damnit, where'd I put my house keys?" Ok, so that's lame. But seriously, it's an interesting picture. Alucard is the only one looking at the camera and there's all those normal-dressed people behind him. I like this shot a lot for some reason.

KH Tron world costume Oh hells yes. Ok, so I wasn't old enough to have appreciated Tron when it first came out (right? I can't remember), but I still think the movie is great. Why they chose that for the new KH2 game is beyond me, but anything with fiber optics is cool in my book.

Ok, so there was a lot more criticism in this than originally expected. I'm rather surprised there wasn't too much Bleach, but maybe this photographer didn't really capture everyone at AX. I know there were probably a billion of them out there.

Anyways, I think the Mt. Dew kick is wearing off o_O
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