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Of course, my car has to start being a total ass just a few days before I plan on taking a trip. Seriously, why does it wait like this? When dad went to get my new tires put in, I asked to realign the steering. They said they couldn't do it because the barrings were almost non-existent. I didn't know what that meant, but dad said he would get it fixed eventually. Well, now I know what that means. I thought I was imagining things when I had to overcorrect my steering. I thought I was just being a bad driver, but it appears that the worn away barrings are what's causing it. Today, my car started to shake a lot, and the steering is even worse. I don't trust driving it to Dana's apartment Thursday, so I'm going to see if mom will let me take her car. I've already checked the City of Chicago website to see if she has any unpaid parking tickets, and she doesn't. So I have no risk of getting another boot on my car, which is good.

Of course, I could just be paranoid about driving that car. But until it's had massive extensive work done on it, I'll never stop being paranoid about it.

Found 2 boxes at work that will safety fit Zangetsu, plus enough bubblewrap to really protect it. Still have to call TSA to find out more tips on what I should do to avoid being thought of as a terrorist with my huge sword. Went looking for a Davy Jones heart, couldn't find one. I may just have to go to Murray's, or ask Jen really nicely to do it for me.

hahayousuck, I hate you :( You're going to PMX instead of seeing me? I was looking forward to seeing you so badly. You make me a sad panda ;_; I hope you enjoy your time at PMX and not getting jiggy with me U.U

herophelia, your hotel money has been sent!

Uhm, is there anything else I need to do before Thursday? Anyone have any more cosplay accessory requests of me?
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