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Since Dana still has my Nikon, I had to do a little MacGuyver'ing to my Kodak to bring you these pictures.

Here's what I've been gushing about the last few days. New boots, bauldric, buckle, and a little bit of action with my replica ring, kiddie compass and kiddie pirate sword :)

Kid's Jack Sparrow compass. It actually spins! How cool is that? It doesn't look half bad, either. Teehee, it's pointing to my crotch XD

Pay no attention to the trash bags, Jack wig and hat, and Urahara costume lumped up in the corners of this shot ... or do, since it is a bathroom photoshoot ...

Yup, iiiiit's plastic! Would you believe someone is selling just this part on eBay for $6? Why do that when you could have the ULTRA COOL AWESOME CLASHY FLASHY SLASHY SWORD AND BUCKLE FOR $14?! FREE SHIPPING OMFG

The bauldric ... and Urahara

The boots ^_^ ... and dirty clothes, lawlz

I've learned a few things this week: 1) you don't need a $200 Toby bauldric to be bad ass 2) you don't need a $300 Toby compass to look cool 3) you don't need $350 boots to look pirate-y 4) I actually look skinnier and prettier with contacts 5) I take back my statement about Kodak cameras, they're fine for bathroom photoshoots.
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