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Oh how I fuckin' love thee, Target.

Bought me some kick ass, though a little on the fem side, Jack boots. They're not suede, they don't really come up to my knee and they have a good 1.5" heel ... but they are pirate-tastic and are much better than my black ones. And they were on clearance! :O

I also bought a Norrie figure and the flashy/clashy sound sword and bauldric just for the plastic buckle. It looks damn good with my original fabricated bauldric, which makes me oh so happy.

And my pirate porn finished DL. Hells yeah. All I need now is rum and I'm all set.

Oh, I also went to the thrift store and found kick ass candellabras for the Grimmauld party for $2, and a Snape pimp goblet for $3. Oh yes, Snape will have a pimp goblet.
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