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Uhm ... I finished the bauldric ^_^ Something finally went right. And the baldric looks so bad ass with the plastic buckle I'm using for it. It's the buckle from the crappy kids belt that came in the crappy kids costume kit that I bought because the compass actually looks cool and opens and spins around and is way way better than my cardboard piece of shit that broke in Denver. And the kids kit comes with a temporary tattoo, too.

So, after feeling rather happy about bauldric finish-ness, I decided to put on the whole costume. And I mean the WHOLE costume. This is the first time I've had the entire thing as close to being done as I want (except for the boots, but you all know my deal with those). Hat, coat, compass, sword, everything. I have to admit I looked pretty cool with that coat. It swishes so nicely. And my dad walked into my room and just started laughing and shaking his head. He should be used to this by now, srsly.

Yeah, sorry Dana, but I'm gonna be Jack at YCon. Keidy told me to. And walk around going 'Just Jack!' in people's faces. I have to. I need to go tanning before then ... luckily there's a tanning salon right next to work. I can go there when it's slow, lolz. Fake bake. No way, I'm not gonna do that. I'll leave that up to Ophelia to make me look properly Jack'ed out. Or I could get the spray booth insta-tan. That looks hillarious.
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