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Arrrrgh! I lost all my bookmarks on Firefox when the power blipped again last night ;____;

All of those hard to find buckle and button stores, and that Jack Sparrow Japanese doll thing ... and Bleach stuff. I don't even know why this didn't happen before when the power went out. I had Firefox running and everything.

Direct Deposit finally got settled at work, good thing too. Means I'll get my money faster and not accrue fees.

The power is still out at work, another day off for me, wee! I feel bad for the Oberweis people next door to us. All that melted ice cream, what a shame ...

Well, what should I do today? Laundry? Perhaps sew something? Maybe I'll start working on that Barbossa vest ... or the Jack bauldric. Or go to Mitsuwa.

Hey slappytanker, you still coming to Chicago? I heard about your back problems :/ Scratch that, looks like she's not coming. Hope you get well soon, babe!
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