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Either Toby is lying, or he played one damn good trick on us. Asian Togs Jack Sparrow has nothing to do with the 3rd movie. Toby made it all up himself. The pictures someone found online with Johnny Depp's face on them are faked. This pisses me off for some reason, more because I'm sick of seeing "OMG JACK SPARROW" all over the place with Toby. Yeah, he's a good Jack. I wish he'd stop already, it's not fun for me to walk around in my own Jack costume when people come up to you and are like "Oh yeah, your costume is good, did you see the other guy? He looked JUST like Johnny Depp! Acted like him too!" Yeah, sorry not all of us are slender built males that look like Depp. His 15 minutes of fame should be up already. This is why I continue to hate elite cosplayers. And yes, Toby is elite. And a dick for not returning my e-mail. Bah.
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