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Took me a while to figure out why Frank the LJ mascot was dressed like Jack Sparrow, but thanks to doom_apple, I remembered that it's Talk Like A Pirate Day!

I'm half tempted to go to work in my Jack costume ... I think the Boss would send me home.

Damnit, I don't know what to do: update Jack or make Barbossa?

Updating Jack would require $350 boots, a new wig, crepe hair, and a new vest. Making Barbossa would probably only cost me $300 since I have the boots, pants, and fabric for the shirt. I would need to buy a Barbossa necklace from Toby, and it looks like he's not being nice. I sent him an e-mail wondering if I could purchase one of his replica necklaces away from eBay as a friendly gesture and he hasn't responded. Is it too much to ask for an already $150 necklace to be just a LITTLE cheaper, friend to friend wise? I guess I'm not his friend. Maybe I should've gotten Jenni to ask for it instead, since he likes her more than me.

Oh, I also need a belt buckle, bauldric, and big ass flintlock. Yeah, I'm looking at about $300 just for the accesories that only Toby sells. Then there's the wig, crepe hair, hat, and coat fabric (which is giving me a headache just thinking about where I could possibly find it ... ) I already got buttons and trim, and really nice vest fabric when I was out with Dana getting her Fenrir fabric.

*sigh* What should I do? e.e;

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