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Dad goes in for his stomach surgery tomorrow, I have to work. I feel bad taking the day off, when I already didn't come to work on Thursday. But I'm going to visit him tomorrow morning before work, and it sounds like it'll just be a day of nothing but waiting.

Why the fuck can't surgens schedule things a little better? They say "sometime in the afternoon". I know they've probably all got other patients to deal with and stuff but ... meh, it just sucks that I don't get a more definite time.

If any of you are religious at all, say a prayer for him that he makes it through.

So I finally told mom about the fucking scones. She wouldn't stop! Oh my GOD you'd think this woman had lost a diamond necklace. It got so bad that I couldn't say anything until she called me out. Gods, my mom is going to be the bloody death of me, just like her mom is to her. Jeebus, I'm never having kids if only to save them from the 'bad mother' syndrome that apparently runs in the family.

Hopefully things will return to normal and I'll start being myself again. But as for right now, I just ... can't *sigh*
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