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So, my father really isn't alright. He was admitted to Hinsdale Hospital this morning for a very low blood count or anemia. His blood count was a 7.5, when it should be 13. Apparently, at 8 is when they start giving you a blood transfusion. The probable cause is an asprin enduced ulser, but my mom is flipping out, worried that it's colon cancer. So he's knocked flat on his arse for a few days, which of course means my mom is a wreck at the moment and I have to stay around to help her. Couldn't go to work today, but the Boss understands.

Oh, but wait, it gets better. So my mom called my dad's mom in Pittsburg. Apparently as she was rushing to get to the phone in time, she slipped and fell and couldn't get up and had to use her emergency necklace and call the paramedics. On top of that, mom called her mom to explain what was happening and she says that my great aunt Teresa was just admitted to LaGrange hospital for some reason or another. Spiffy.

Today is just a very bad karma day, to say the least. And I have a headache. As per usual. Stopped in to work today to give them the rolls of recipt paper and ended up staying about an hour to explain to people. Nicole said she would say a prayer for my dad, and that was very sweet of her. Granted, I'm in no way a religious person, but when stuff like this happens, I feel bad for it ... so to speak.

I'm going to lay down for a bit. Then I'll have to get up and take mom to see dad again.
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