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Before commiting to doing Dumbledore and Mad Eye Moody, maybe I should research a bit more?

I found a decent Dumbledore beard (aka, not one that is a 'wizard' beard, the stereotypical long straight hair beard down to your knees kind of wizard beard that's about $10 and is expected to be worn once, on Halloween), but that alone is $30. It's next to impossible to find a wig I like. This costume is going to be a pain, knowing my level of attention to detail *huff* as per usual. This is going to get expensive/time consuming, but then again what costume isn't for me? Considering all of the embroidery that's going to go into Dumbledore ... why the hell am I doing this?

Because you want to see it, and it shall be done, if only for my super sekrit surprise Dumbledore (which isn't quite so super sekrit if you're smart-like).
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