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I've decided what I want for my tattoo. I'm going to have my Dark Mark (aka my 'ho tag' according to Dana) accented with a mirrored image of snakes on either side. Still have to figure out a design, but maybe those around me will offer good suggestions. Something snakey, that's all I ask.

OK, just so I have things straightened out: rvnclawgirl is coming next week, Boston is slated for Sept 29th-Oct 1st (right Dana?), Sluggy is coming Oct 6th. YCon is Oct 20th.

Gods, I don't know if I'll have the money to do all this. $200 plane ticket for Boston, $200+ plane ticket for YCon and $50 registration, that's already 1 paycheck for the month. Plus a $150+ tattoo, gas, food ... not to mention time off of work that I'm sure the Boss won't be happy with. Not that I care. We have 2 new hires, better to have them hit the ground running, so to speak.
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