JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

So I forgot to find out what time I work today. I went to the store, turned off the alarm and found the schedule. I'm not due in until 2. I'm usually in at noon or 9:30 so this was odd. But Sue and Nick hadn't shown up yet, so I turned the alarm back on and left! Ha! They'll have no idea I was there this morning >D

Now that I'm up and have 4 hours to kill, I think I'll be playing s'more Dirge of Cerberus :D :D

Oh yeah, did I mention I bought that? Dana and I went out 2 days ago and we stopped at an EB Games because I wanted s'more titles for my PS2. I was specifically looking for Worms Armaggedon, but I saw that they had Dirge behind the counter. I gasped and pointed and the guy said it comes out tomorrow. So I reserved a copy. Went in yesterday to get it, the guy behind the counter (different from the one that I saw 2 days ago) said "You're Julie, right?" I was a bit wierded out by it, but then he explained I was the only girl to reserve a copy XD

It took some getting used to, the whole FPS mode is very new to me, but now I'm not too bad. Still no Gackt stuff, but I expect Redemption to be the closing credits song anyways.
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