JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

Mini Muggle Academy & Yule Ball
Date: 12/2/2006 | Time: All Day
Calendar: Festivals and Fairs, Receptions, Cultural/Diversity/International, Liberal Arts & Sciences

Details: Open to all ages, the mini muggle academy is a one day workshop about Harry Potter follwed by a Yule ball dance.

Sponsor/Contact: LA&S external Programming
Phone: 815-753-5200
E-mail: lasep@niu.edu

This is at NIU, Dana. We're SO going to it. And you will bring your Pimp goblet.

Hey you Vampire Chronicle's ppl: Who would you rather want to see, Marius or Nikki? Those are my two choices. I like Nikki because he's angsty liek whoa. But I like Marius too, because he's a rich bitch.

Oh, and Perceus and Draco. I've decided that when Dana and I come up to Boston, I want you two to pick out a snake tattoo for me. I can't decide on what I want, so I'm leaving it up to the snake experts >D
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