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Wow, I love Chase. Wolf Camera is on their Chase Work network, so I get extra cool stuff because of that. Including 2 waved service charges from non-Chase ATMs a month. Not that I think I'll have a problem finding one of the 7,000 ATMs ... but still, that's sweet.

I also opened a savings account with them and will have money transfered into it automatically every month. That was the problem I had with my other savings account. It's been dormant since 2001, so they kept charging me service fees for it. Fucking dad, he lost me a good $600 over the last 6 years because of it. Yes, I blame him because he would always take my statements and like ... hide them from me, thinking I shouldn't have to deal with it ... and to keep the documents away from my brother. I didn't realize I was losing money for 6 years, I would've obviously done something about that had I known.

I couldn't close the account because my mom is the 'custodian' and she needs to sign it off. But as soon as I can, that account is gone. I plan to close my checking account at my other bank as soon as I get the FREE debit card from Chase in a week or so. On top of that, if I use direct deposit I don't get charged any fees! NO FEES! YUSSS! Free checks, free free free. Fuck yeah, I like that word a lot.

I didn't get a chance to go to T-mo, but I will do that tomorrow.

Mmmmn, gyoza ...

Gay or Not Gay?
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lolz, damn straight I am. I *heart* teh cock
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