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Vent time!

My boss is a hypocritical ass.

Sue and I closed last night. We didn't leave the store until 8:30 or so. I was busy dealing with customers that were still in the store an hour and a half past the time we close. Sue was in the back room doing maintenance. I couldn't finish all the orders that were due tomorrow, so I left them for Dana to do, just like she does to us almost every fucking night. Usually, there's a minimum of about 6 orders that are due at 11 am the next morning, giving me a good hour to work on them after I open. And I don't complain that there's a 600 print order due at 11 am. I don't call her up and be like "WTF, why did you do this? This is not right!" I DO THE FUCKING THING AND DON'T ASK QUESTIONS. Because I'm a fucking good person.

If Dana came in the store at 9:30 like she was suppose to, she would've had plenty of time to do those 11 am orders. Knowing her, she probably strolled in around 9:50 thinking nothing of it. She calls me this morning and is pissed that there are so many orders due at 11 am and I just ... didn't say anything. She kept saying "I'm not mad at you, I'm just telling you." Yeah, well you sound pretty pissed. And don't try blaming it on Sue. Why not blame yourself for being a bad manager? For not coming in on time, for not doing things right? How she ever became a manager is far fucking beyond me.

She's a fucking hypocritical douche. So what if she leaves us so many orders to do the next morning? If we leave HER with work to do, she flips the fuck out. I'm sick and fucking tired of this shit.

Who votes I quit this shitty job and go find work someplace else? I'm seriously considering it. I don't get treated well at all, I hardly get paid the amount I should for the stuff I put up with. You all have seen my rants. What should I do?

At this point, I really don't care if my boss is short on people. If I can't spend my day off relaxing and not getting pissed off phone calls from my boss, then what the hell is the point in having a day off?
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