JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

I think my heart just sank into my stomach. Phoenix Rising is in May. That means it's either Phoenix or ACen. And it'll be ACen's 10th anniversary.

Wait, wtf am I worried about? Of course I'm going to PHOENIX. Fuck ACen. I'm so sick of ACen. No more anime cons for me.

Work was a bit better, because I was elected to go to the Darien store to get some rolls finished. There were still scratches, Lou was in again. I thought it was because I'd botched up the cleaning, yet Sue also cleaned it this morning. So it wasn't either of our faults. Actually, it rather pisses me off that I spent 2 hours cleaning that rack for it to not work. We're getting another one in tomorrow morning, but as of tonight I managed to print stuff on both sides without scratches. We'll see how it is come morning.

I made 202 prints from Lumos and put them in their special green album. The brass tag is being sent out tomorrow. I also printed 5x7s of the Malfoy family portrait and of my favorite Harry and Cedric picture and put them in lovely frames. I think I may print out a 5x7 of my favorite Snape and Draco picture as well and frame that one tomorrow.

I've gotta get my act together in order to submit papers for my costume panel at Phoenix. And I need to get my registration in ASAP! Oy, I should've registered at Lumos ... or before March 31st. $115 is a lot better than $140 -_- Although considering it's 5 days instead of 4, that just makes it much cooler.
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