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Here it is, my Lumos report. It only took me 4 days to finish :P

My boss Dana was nice enough to let me go about an hour early, so I got home around 6:30 and began to clean up in a mad dash and finish packing. Getting on the road took me about 2 hours, thanks to my bank having no deposit envelopes and me not wanting to go home and get one. I went to Walgreens for a cheap pack. After that, it was off to find gas. The first station I went to had a power failure and couldn't pump any gas, while the second one didn't take ATM cards. Finally I got on the road about 8 and made it to Dana's around 9-ish. Parked the car and headed off to Cedric land and find transportation. We ended up ordering a limo from the airport, seeing as how we were Vegas Virgins.

Finished helping Dana with Cedric around midnight, took a 2 hour nap and awoke to begin the move down stairs and to the cab. Got to the airport in record time, had a little delay with our flight, ate the most amazingly awesome bagels and strawberry cream cheese and we were off to Vegas!

Sleeping on a plane is never fun, but we managed rather well. Dana's eye infection was killing her, it really is a shame that she couldn't enjoy the weekend as much.

We talked to our limo driver Bandi while we waited for Sam to arrive. I would totally get a limo drive from her again the next time I'm in Vegas, she was so nice. She reminded me of the wood shop teacher at school, whom I also liked. The limo was brand new and had lights you could change. She drove us down the strip, catching our first glance at all the awesome hotels.

When we finally arrived at the hotel, we were just flabbergasted at the size and beauty of the place we were staying at. Oh man, it was gorgeous. Our room was twice the size of the ACen hotel, 12 people could've easily slept on the floor with plenty of leg room. We all took naps and got up to have some lunch at the pub. Oooh, that pub, what an awesome place to eat. We pretty much ate there the entire weekend, it was well worth it.

After lunch we headed to check out the pool. First time wearing my bathing suit, I have to say it was not too bad. Although the water tasted pretty salty compared to pools I've been in, swimming just isn't the same as when you were a kid. Trying our best to not splash Dana's eyes, we eventually got out and sunbathed a bit.

After that, we wandered a bit to look at all the 15 or so rock formations and babbling brooks out on the grounds. It was pretty sweet. After that, we wandered around the inside of the hotel a bit more and looked for the volunteer meeting area to find out when our security meeting was going to happen. Upon walking around, I found Beth, Steph aka Lucius and Kayla whom all happen to be working security with us.

The meeting took forever because people were being rude and getting Betty off topic a bit too much. I was tired and cranky so I wanted that meeting over as quickly as possible. By the time it was over, I was ready for bed, yet I was still hungry. We ate and drank at the pub again that night for dinner and then proceeded to a suite party down the hall. Getting delightfully plastered on the first day was not something we expected, but it was highly entertaining.

I caved early, I didn't want to drink too much. I left Sam and Dana at the party.

On my way out of the party, Kayla and Stephanie were hanging out in the area by the elevators with someone named John. Aparently, there was a room misshap and he was room-less for Wednesday night. I said we only had 3 people in our room tonight and he was welcome to grab a piece of floor. So I brought him back to our room, we talked a bit and got to know each other. I was rather tired thanks to the drinking and early morning business. I fell asleep ... somehow. When I awoke, it was to Dana sprinkling condoms on me and Sam slapping my ass. The slapping ass thing I would later find out to be a reoccuring past time for a delightfully wasted Samantha.

Ophelia had a lot of shit to do at home and ended up not being able to make it Wednesday night. We woke up sometime around 10, Sam and I ordered room service and we all sat around to watch a terrible movie on TV, The Cave. As I'd just ordered our room service, I got a text msg from BERNIE! I gave her a call and told her to head over to our room. It was nice to meet Bernie and Iggy, my two Yahoo friends, for the first time IRL. I can't say that I feel safe meeting just anyone that I RP with online. But that's how I met Sam, and Bernie and Iggy were not serial rapists (or *are* they ... )

Since we'd gotten our badges last night being in Security, we didn't have to worry about picking up our badges that morning. Dana and I got dressed up in Sirius and Remus and wandered about the hotel a bit and checked out the TINY ASS DEALER'S ROOM.

Oh my God was I dissapointed with the Dealer's room. Needless to say I still spent a pretty penny in there, but still. It was super, super dissapointing. There was a total of 5 vendors, 1 of which was Alivan's and another of which was the HP Fan Trips lady, so they don't even count because Alivan's is horrid and the HP fan trips lady wasn't necessarily 'selling' anything except trips to Scotland. Then there was Whirlwoods, the cape/hat lady, Whimsical Alley, some foreign guys selling 3rd Task Harry, Cedric, and Krum shirts, and a guy selling chain mail jewelery and bikinis. That's it.

I didn't want to buy anything just yet, and that was pretty much the only thing open at the time. Before we knew it, 5 o'clock rolled around and Dana and I had Cirque Du Soliei "O" tickets at the Bellagio gifted to us from her Aunt. Oh MAN. I now know why all you on my FList that have seen it rave about it. It was, seriously, the best thing I'd ever seen. It was so gorgeous, I nearly cried at the end I was so sad to see it end. The best part - and in my opinion damn appropriate - was the Lucius and Dracos in the red coats, black garder belts and black nylon stockings. Fucking priceless, I tell you.

The Bellagio was gorgeous, of course. It was a shame we couldn't stay and explore a bit more. But as soon as the show was over, we had to high tail it back to the Fashion Show Mall to catch the shuttle back to the hotel. Once back in our room, Dana and I ordered room service. A pizza, fries, banana split and cokes. It was the best damn meal evar.

Sam, Bernie and Iago went to see a horse show at Excalibur, they came back rather happy to have seen it. Sam was most enthused about the guy with a septer that shot fire. After that, it was night night for us ... until around 3 am when Ophelia waltzed in. She had so much shit to do for her mom that she didn't leave her house until around midnight. But I was glad to see her, even if I was half asleep. We got the air matress figured out, nearly shorting out the blow dryer in our room in the process, and then it was real lights out for us. Dana and I had work the next morning at 9 am.

Up and into our Harry and Cedric costumes in record time, Dana and I were out to our first duty as Aurors. Water Quidditch. It was fucking hot, so we spent most of the time sitting by the bar, trying not to die. I swear, I've never ever felt sweat trickling down the backs of my thighs before. It was the weirdest feeling ever.

After that, it was Patrol duty. There wasn't much to do that early, considering not too many people were around. But as soon as some panels let out, all hell broke loose. It was quite scary for a first time Security volunteer, but I handled it well.

When we were finished for the morning, we headed off for some lunch at (guess where?) the pub again. Then it was hanging out around the Great Hall a bit and a short photo shoot until our next duty, more Water Quidditch. I was alone on this one, mainly because Dana's eyes were acting up. She wore her contacts last night drinking and forgot about them. The next morning she was in quite a bit of pain, the sun in her eyes was rather killer. I felt bad for her inability to really see the whole time. But there's always Phoenix!

After our duties were all said and done, there was a bit more hanging out to do. I think this was the night that I conked out early, as in sometime around 9 pm. So it was no surprise that I was up at around 7 am the next morning.

Oh, yes, Saturday. With Ophelia, the goddess of make up, I was as Snapely as I've ever been. Looking back at pictures of me from YCon and new pictures of me from Lumos, I'm very glad to see that there is a significant difference in my face. Ophelia used a hint of green in my make up to give me that sallow look, and it worked very, very well. I was delighted. She also gave Dana a very femmie Lucius look that really accentuated her eyes. I couldn't have asked for anything better.

We needed to go back to work, unfortunatly Snape doesn't look half as menacing wearing a periwinkle Lumos Security shirt. I should've gotten a picture in it, it was most amusing.

After patrol duty, it seemed that we were hardly needed much. Formal programing didn't seem to really need our help, so we basically sat in the conference area, hung out and talked. Took some pictures with Kayla's Narcissa, got a few good Malfoy Family photos in, fun times. We then met back up with Perceus and Draco while they enjoyed their lunch. It quickly turned into an impromptu photo shoot. There was pimp cane incest, Malfoycest, Unbreakable Vow reinactments, Snape coming out of the wardrobe closet, and overall amazing Slytherin pride. It was a lot of fun, except the skipping in a circle. I had to do it a bit too much, not to mention dancing with Lucius was rather difficult. I suck so bad at dancing e.e;

After that, I headed back to the room to don my super secret costume, the ultimate of ultimate dorkdom, my boggart Snape costume. I was stopped nearly the moment I moved into the convention center. Once again, it was a huge hit. But this time I actually wore it where I knew people would appreciate it. And everyone certainly did. Not to mention how bloody perfect it was for the hotel to just HAPPEN upon having a damn good looking wardrobe in the very convention hallway that we were congrigating in.

Oh, I forgot to mention. All throughout the day I was handing out 'Detentions' as Professor Snape. They were really just invitations to our room party that night. By the end of the day I'd run out of detentions, yet I was still walking around inviting people. It swiftly became popular, known only as 'Detention'. So the more people I went up to, the more they were like, "Detention, right? Yeah, I'm going!"

By 9 pm, Detention was just getting started. Ophelia, Dana and Sam went to Walgreens for some snacky foods and stuff, returning with food coloring to turn our cocktail drinks into something a bit more festive. It was quite a hit, and we even managed to make a little bit of money off of it! It seemed most people had a good time, especially Dana who was tanked off her arse and passed out a good 2 hours into it. She downed about 2 and a half cups of straight vodka. I'm surprised she didn't DIE. She hardly remembers coming into the room and sitting by Neville's plant. She doesn't remember anything aside from Perceus coming to her and asking if she wanted some water.

The party began to die down when someone suggested we head down to the GoF movie. Leaving Dana to be passed out, I headed out with the rest of them. I wasn't exactly drunk, just rather tipsy. I could only sit for so long, trying to watch the film. Eventually I got up and found Sam with her Draco tie wrapped around her head. I told her, "Hey, I'm taking your tie ... " and what became of it? Possibly the most quoted line of Lumos, "Where's my FUCKING tie?!" Even after I told her I was taking it, and Bernie told her I had it multiple times, Sam still walked around saying "Where's my FUCKING tie?!" Very amusing to say the least.

Giving up on the movie, I wanted to return to the room to check up on Dana. I came back and she immerged from the bathroom looking as drunk as when she went in there. I helped her out of her costume and she immediatly returned to the bathroom to puke up everything she drank. Good news for her, because the next morning she didn't have a hang over!

It was Sunday morning realization that was hardest hitting. The weekend had passed, Lumos was nearly over. I had a fantastic time, so much better than any anime con. No freak out moments, no incredible stresses, no costume contests to get to. I actually had FUN. A lot of fun at that. I wish I'd gone to a few more panels, as it were I could only make it to half of the Tom Riddle panel. But even sitting in on that, it was hard to take everyones opinions of the subject. Had I gone to a presentation instead of a round table I might've enjoyed myself a bit more.

But as it were, Sunday was also the day to get last minute pictures with people. I finished an entire memory card, took a lot of pictures I'd been meaning to. Someone said that it was like the end of GoF when everyone was saying goodbye and going their separate ways. Around 7 pm we decided to take our own trip to the Strip.

I wish I'd had more time to really get to the Strip, but the parts we did see were fantastic. Particularly Madam Tousaud's. Oh MAN. As you all could tell from my previous post, I had a blast there. We hit up only a few hotels, but it was difficult to get very far. The Strip is 7 miles long, walking on it on a Sunday night was rather difficult with all the people. I never managed to get to Luxor, but I do plan on getting there eventually. We wandered into the Venitian and Bellagio, watched the pretty water fountain display, and pretty much had to turn right back around and head for a bus to take us back to the shuttle.

On the shuttle ride home, we met back up with Lumosians and were treated to some lovely operatic singing by Twinky the house elf. For little to no warm up on a bumpy bus ride home, she did a lovely job. Except for the fact that the Organization 13 twins were drunk off their asses singing about porn in the background.

Once home, it was time to pack up. I was so sleepy, I was so scared I wasn't going to pack everything. After only about 4 hours of sleep, it was time for Dana and I to get hauled off to the airport, thanks to the loverly generous Ophelia.

Overall, I had a great time and I'm looking forward to Phoenix Rising. In fact, I've got plans to host a costuming panel, since the one that was originally going to happen had to be canceled. I'm not sure, but I'm thinking I might do it. That's the one thing I know really well about HP, is the costuming :P Not that I *really* want to spill my secrets, but perhaps just offer some tips. Who knows, we'll see how I feel after making Barbossa and Commodore Norrie.
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