JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

1st Task update: letters, patches. THAT'S IT ... on the robe. The hoodie needs work. The hood looks like shit in the front and it's dragging down in the back because it's so heavy. I need to do something about that, line the whole thing maybe. Hell, I have enough t-shirt fabric to do so! I really went overboard with that. Perhaps adding the mesh/grommets on the front will fix it too, I'm not sure.

I tried the hoodie with the robe on together and the robe sleeves look really stupid. The lining is bunching up the nylon, so I think I'm going to sew the lining down along the sport sleeve lines, just so it's not shifting so much. No one's going to see the inside of it anyways, and it'll look better instead of having to adjust the sleeves all day long.

Still have to cut out pants, but those should go quickly. Nothing I really need to figure out there.

I just realized I can't SLEEP IN on Tuesday before our flight. I have to work bloody fucking open to close. I plan on taking a very long nap on the plane/in the room as soon as we get there. Thank god we're going there a day early and leaving on Monday.

In other news: the PS2 my brother gave me actually works! Imagine that! Let's just hope it won't fuck up later on in life. Oh well, it was only $40. I still need to get Dirge of Cerberus (I hear it isn't due out 'til November? :O :O WTF just bring it out already!), and now I have an excuse to buy video games that I've been wanting. I actually have something to PLAY THEM ON :O
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