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Today, I had a lot of trouble keeping my pants up. It's been a loooooong long time since I've weighed myself. I tend to stay away from it, knowing that I wouldn't like the outcome. But mom said that she's noticed I look like I've been losing weight, so I caved and checked myself. I think the last time I checked, I was around 220. Yeah, I'm 191 now. Bitches. This makes me happy, I don't quite know what I've been doing (probably not eating a lot because of work/stress) but I'm going to keep it up. It makes me feel good to know that I've lost so much doing, basically, nothing.

Although I could stand to excersize and quit smoking. Yeah, that comes later.

At work today I threw out my back a bit. I blame it on the 9 hours Dana and I spent on costumes yesterday. I was cutting out letters for us for a good 2 hours straight, and painting my shoes. I think I spent too long hunched over a sewing machine too. I just hope it gets better in time for Lumos.

I got a new bathing suit for $20! And it's a two piece *SHOCK* Considering the last one I had was about 8 years old and a tie dyed blue ... yeah, this one is waaaay better. And it actually doesn't look too bad on me. The color is nice. Props to Dana for getting me past the one-piece phase.

Things left to do:

1st Task: add grommets/elastic, cut out/sew hoodie and pants, add patches and letters.

Everything else is done! YAY!

Dana, if you haven't seen this yet, go do it: Petition for Gakuto and Hyde to perform Orenji No Taiyo live together I know it probably won't happen, but it's good to dream.
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