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OMG. I blame glamcarnation for this one.

Which should I make for SentiCon?

a) Captain Barbossa
b) Commodore Norrington
c) Lord Beckett
d) *gasp* Will's wedding outfit (I know, I hate Will. But I just feel drawn to that damn coat!)
e) all of the above, including revamping my Jack to be more accurate (I blame bansaku's ass kicking Jack :P )

Someone shot me in the face.

I need a haircut.

Edit: So, my mom just dropped a My savings account has been losing money instead of accruing interest. For the past 4 YEARS. And they didn't mention it to me? They didn't bother to go find out WTF was happening? I get $10 service charges and only $2 interest paid to my account. So, that's a -$8 balance every 90 days.

I told them I'm switching banks, for both my checking and savings accounts. And what does my mom bring up next? My grandma (on my mother's side, not the crazy Hungarian one who paid for my 4 years of college) is a psycho. She's got about 100 different bank accounts with very minute amounts in them. Nothing more than $100 in each account. Her name is also attached to my mom's name, so my mom is technically owner of ALL of these bank accounts. And then my mom's name is linked to mine because of my brother's credit scandal with my father.

Oh, isn't this LOVELY?!

I've got a jar of dirt! I've got a jar of dirt!
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