JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

So, I'm back home. Yay! Bed! Yay! Car!

Had a great time in Denver, see toshimasa and lilacwire's LJs for complete details and pictures. I'll post my pictures up after work tomorrow.

In short, I had fun. I miss Ivy terribly, I want to see PotC 2 again.

Now that I'm back, it's time for me to start flipping the fuck out about Lumos. I think I'm going to, literaly, have maybe 3 days to make my 1st Task outfit, and that's not nearly enough time. Not enough time for me to try out my embroidery skills with my machine, not enough time to do a bajillion grommets. *sigh*

And now I have to worry about Barbossa and Norrington when I get back from Lumos >O

I really want to do this shit, I just wish I had a better paying job that didn't require so many hours out of me *pout*

OMG I can't wait to sleep in a bed tonight *_*

Oh yah, toshimasa I'm nearly all the way through Lost Souls and I'm LOVING it! Thanks for the suggestion!

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