JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

Would it be too cliche for Rowling to bring out the 7th book on July 7th, 2007?

Yes, yes it would. But I get the feeling that's what's going to happen.

Work was a bitch. The 12 year lab veteran screwed up. The first thing I hear when I walk in the door is "Yeah, we haven't been able to print anything since noon yesterday ... " "Y'mean like ... print recipts, right?" "No ... like ... everything." O__O

Kodak instant print machine had a CD stuck in it. Dana and I had to take it apart.

T-Mobile computer was down, which is also the computer we used to get rebates printed off the websites. There was a sale for free printers with mail in rebates today, had to promise rebates at a later time.

The Frontier machine (the thing that actually prints the photos) was jamming prints and overlaping them so that they would stick together and chemical would remain on the face of the prints. Basically, the prints were useless, not suitable to be given to the customers. So our senior lab person got rather frustrated and stressed out and flustered to the point that she was getting more frustrated as more orders would come in and not fix the problem.

So today, I had to deal with basically a full day and a half of unfinished orders to work on. To get our lab tech out of there and settled down, we sent her to another store to work on orders that were do yesterday while I fixed the machine.

Well, ok I didn't fix it. She pulled something out and I was stuck with restarting and reconnecting the equipment. It's rather complicated to discuss, but it takes a good half an hour before I get her officially up and running and ready to work on orders.

I had about 40 rolls of film, 1 which was a 15 roll order that also wanted image transfered to CD so it takes twice the amount of time it would to just print the pictures and be done with it. Then the neg scanner was being an ass. On top of that, we went through 1 completely fresh roll of 6 inch paper. That's the paper size that we use to make your standard 4x6 photos. 1 roll of paper that weighs about ... 10 pounds, I kid you not. I asked Dana how much 1 roll could typically do and she said in the range of 900 photos. I printed a little over 1000 photos today o_o That's a LOT. I had 4 digital camera orders that were over 200 photos. I finished printing out the biggest order that day (400 photos) about 15 minutes after we shut the store down to close for the day.

Then Dana lost her CD case and it took us 15 minutes to realize it was in her laptop case.

It was seriously the longest 8 hours I've ever endured.

I'm so getting this book: Sodomy and the Pirate Tradition because Johnny Depp told me to.
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