JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

That's the third bird I've heard hit the kitchen window this week. WTF birds. But nothing was as cool as watching that hawk take down that pigeon that one time a couple months ago. Aah, nature.

I sent a group e-mail to all of you who are staying in our JW Marriot room. Even though I know more than half of you are definitely committed to coming, I just wanted to stress the importance of it to the rest of the group that we don't know all that well.

Couldn't sleep last night, I was torn between it being too hot under my covers and too cold with the fan on, and too dry for me to stay asleep longer than a few hours and having intestine difficulties. I don't want to go to work. It's going to be so fucking boring.

I'm thinking of heading back to JoAnn's to get that black ripstop nylon sometime before the end of the week. I just realized that as soon as I get back from Denver, I not only get a paycheck but I have to haul ass if I'm going to finish my 1st Task robes. It's going to be close, I know it. Why did I have to go and take a full time job? Seriously ... I thought this summer was suppose to be fun and costuming ... *grr*
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