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Hey bansaku, 13th_kingdom, or any other Chicagoland area cosplayers on my FList! The Hancock in Villa Park is closing and everything in there is on sale! From 40%-70% off most stuff. I found my 1st Task sports mesh there for dirt cheap. The minimum is 2 yards, but if you buy the whole bolt you get an extra 10% off after 5 yards. And they had ripstop nylon. They don't know when they're closing, because a shipment from a closed store in Sacramento is coming sometime soon, so they can't close just yet. Get there if you want insane deals on fabric!

I was half tempted to buy one of those cutting tables ... when I realized it would be nothing short of a miracle for me to get that thing into my sewing room -_-

Went cosplay shopping with Dana, fun times. Went to the Disney store and saw the cutest damn thing ever. Jack Sparrow and Davey Jones costumes for little kids. Dana thought she could fit into the large Jack Sparrow costume and I told her to get it for SentiCon xD

They also had shirts, hats, and those silk button down shirts for adults. Y'know, the ones that you see anime otaku wearing. I have one myself, bought it on eBay, of Vash the Stampede in brown and blue. It's hideous, I should put it back up on eBay. I think I wore it twice. I just don't look good in button down shirts. I think it's the boobs. They get in the way.

I had a

I called up cali_gari to come pick me up and take me to the airport for my flight to Denver. Well, I called her at 5 am thinking my flight left at 6 am. When she came over, it was already 6:30 am and I thought I'd missed my flight. And then she said that it takes 13 DAYS to get a new flight if I miss my own. I was all panicked, until I read my itinerary. My flight doesn't leave until 6 pm! I'm SAVED!

So we get in a pick up truck o_O to head to the airport. But she decides to take a short cut through this park/wood/forest area. O ... kay. I'm getting worried, I want to get to the airport ASAP and she's taking a rather odd short cut. Well, the truck ends up getting stuck or somesuch and I pull a little girls bike out of the back of the truck bed and tell her I'll just take it from there.

So ... I BIKE to O'Hare. I get to the front doors, and the first thing I see when I walk inside is a Wolf Camera. The lady behind the counter is trying to sell me some shit while I attempt to shove the girly bike into a slot on the bike rack. Realizing I have no lock for it, I just leave it be and walk right past the girl blabbing to me about film, when I realize I left my camera at home. So I have a moment of 'aww, that sucks' before I wake up to the sound of chain saws buzzing in my back yard.

Finally, those damn tree guys have come to rid the park of that downed tree! It's only been like ... 2 weeks since it fell and we called them to come and remove it. Pssh.

I'm totally eating peanut butter chocolate ice cream for breakfast and I DON'T CARE!

Oh yeah, I was watching CNN last night and the big news brief was that JKR has said that 2 more people will die in book 7. And she didn't leave out the fact that one of those might be Harry. In a way, I hope Harry dies like the true tragic hero that he is ... but also, I just know I will cry for days if he does. Unlike most people I know that are into the HP fandom, I still like Harry. In fact, most people I talk to got turned off by Harry's angsting in book 5. I, on the other hand, am looking forward to the angsting Harry in the new film. I still pit OotP as my favorite book. Who knows, I'm not going to speculate. JKR will do what she does best, surprise us like never before and let the series go out in a big bang.
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