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Aaah! Why is it so easy to find PoTc DMC spoilers?! >O This makes me mad! All those books and online activities out there that I like to do on occasion when bored all describe the movie plot! I have to stay away from the interweb, or I'm gonna ruin the whole movie for myself.

Arrrgh, anxiety is being a bitch today. I dun feel good, dun really feel up to driving. I still need to get fabric. I'm begining to think I won't have enough time to make my 1st task robes -_-

Oh, speaking of those robes, a funny thing happened to me last night in reguards to

So, I ordered those patches using PayPal, and I ordered those hoodie drawstring locks with PayPal. The UMX guys that were selling me my handful of drawstring locks called to ask if $9 shipping was ok for my items, considering I was only spending $4 on the actual item. I said I really wanted them and that the $9 was ok. So my order came out to $13.70 total.

Well, some complete moron did a PayPal charge of $137.00

And it went through yesterday, right when I needed that $137 to buy my Vegas plane tickets, that I put on hold the night before so that I didn't wind up paying even more. So I had to gackt $140 from my dad to cover for the tickets, because my $137 was not going to be refunded to me until Monday -____-

Fuckers. I should call them back and say, "Hey, give me my damn order for free. You fucked up. What if I had bills to pay? And, in fact, I did have bills to pay you goddamn wankers!" ARRRRGH

Seriously, too much shit went wrong yesterday. I think it's God's way of telling me I shouldn't be going on these trips.

I had another vivid dream. This time, some friends were at my house getting ready to go out for a day of fun. kyolicious came too, and she brought what I thought to be her hord of Mana/cosplay tights and gloves. Like, a ton of random colored and patterned tights and gloves. I was rather amused that someone could amass so many unique looking things.

Edit: Soooo ... ok, WTF. I just looked over my bank account and PayPal account and e-mails and suddenly ... UMX is coming up as having charged me the correct amount after all. Just today.

The $137 wasn't from them! It was exactly 20 minutes after you sent me your PayPal Dana. And it says "Your request to transfer funds into your PayPal account has been accepted." Unless you left out $100 and chose "transfer from" I can't imagine where this $137 charge came from. There is NO name attached to it anywhere on any of my records or e-mails. I'm very, very confused right now.
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