JulieBot (kozibot) wrote,

I think United.com has it in for me when it comes to my cel phone minutes -_-

Get this ...

So, when I booked my flight, on United.com, for Denver, it refused to take my debit card. It says the number is wrong or something. After the 3rd try, it tells me my flight was booked ... but it wasn't. Like, I have to call the united.com help center. Ok, so I'll have to wait on the line a bit, no biggie.

On top of having to wait 20 minutes for someone to talk to me, he spoke with a VERY thick accent. He asked me for my confirmation number. Gave it to him. He basically read out everything that was on my itinerary and asked if I was Julie. I said yes. My 3 minute talk about stuff I already knew ended with an "Ok, you'll get a booking confirm e-mail in a few minutes". I'm like "That's it?" "That's it". Hang up. Ok WTF?! I just wasted about a half an hour for this, and that's it?

So guess what, it happens to me AGAIN. MOTHER FUCKERS.

Oh, and if you're wondering why I'm bitching about my cel phone minutes, I tried using my home phone but the reception was abso-fucking-lutly terrible! I heard that damn Rhapsody in Blue about 400 times better on my cel than on my home phone. boo hiss. Oh well, I'm going to have to do that again tomorrow *sigh*
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