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:O WTF DID HARRY DO TO HIS HAIR?!?! *sob* And why the hell does Hermione still not have her bad afro hair? I mean, c'mon. Hermione isn't suppose to look pretty ... damnit ... Neville looks like he's taken a page out of Rem's book with his little 'do, too xD

On another note, I had a very vivid

So, I was getting ready for work in an apartment that wasn't mine, at all. But all my stuff was laid out the way it usually is in my bedroom. I'm sifting through clothes to find my work clothes, and I hear a knock on the door. I think, "Oh, that must be Jason!" not knowing why I knew it was him ... so I go to the door and there he is, beautiful just-turned-43 Jason Isaacs.

"I'm here!" he brightly smiles and walks in, sitting down immediatly in a make up chair. And what do I do? I start putting make up on him. I'm trying to make him pale, so I'm pulling quite a lot of white on him, spreading it out evenly and such. Then I put the wig on him, the Lucius wig, and he gets that characteristic Malfoy grin on his face and I just MELT.

Then, it jumps back to me worrying about clothes and getting ready for work. When I suddenly realize that it's 3 pm and I should've been at work at noon! Oh snap! No one's called, so I figure I lost the day by not coming in, possibly even lost my job. So what do I do? Jason, me, and some friends that were slightly indistinguishable decide to go for a walk around town. Now, town consisted of a street littered with very pricey but interesting shops. I'd liken it a bit to the LA promenod that we visited recently. Kitchy shops and the like.

We somehow end up walking to a convention. Yeah, an anime convention. One I've never been to, but I somehow assume that it's Expo. O ... kay. Jason's had enough, he's talking on his cel to his agent and looking around for her and stuff, and I don't know what to say to keep him around, because I think I was suppose to go find his agent after I was done with his make up.

We're wandering around just outside the hotel and Jason finds his bombshell blonde agent and dissapears with a slight little wave. The end.

I don't know if it's the same for everyone, but on the Weather Channel, one of their like ... segment introduction songs is a total rip off of the piano part of Gardenia. If I get a chance, maybe I'll record it and post it, but it's eerily similar. I need to stop watching the Weather Channel so much.
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